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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

laser cuttingWe were on of the first in the mid-west to use a laser to cut control overlays. This technology provides our customers the ability to cut labels and overlays where the quantity, schedule or material thickness prohibits the use of die cutting. In addition to using it in conjunction with our screen-printing processes, we are also able to cut and/or laser-etch a variety of materials such as acrylic, leather, cork, polycarbonate, polyester and vinyl. Typical applications included short-run production, prototyping. We can laser cut products to within +/- .005

Laser Engraving


placque engravingNo matter if your needs are for wooden plaques, plastic name plates, or any other number of things, come to Kansas Graphics for your next engraving need!

Promotional Items

Promotional Items

promotional itemsPromotional Marketing is a proactive measure of getting your company logo and/or message in front of your prospects and clients. One way you can do this through custom printed "promotional products", corporate gifts and promotional apparel for your employees, clients and prospects. Custom imprinted advertising specialties also can be used for anything like: tradeshow giveaways, sales promotion, brand awareness, and much more. Some these items includes stress balls, pens, calendars, mouse pads, calculators, note pads, etc.

The top ways promotional marketing can be best used to brand your logo and/or message:

* business gifts = 58%
* employee relations = 41%
* event marketing = 38%
* tradeshows = 31%
* brand awareness = 24%
* public relations = 17%
* motivation = 12%
* recognition programs = 10%
* souvenirs = 10%
* traffic building = 9%

Remember our customer service department is eager and ready to help you find the right promotional products for your next promotion.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

digital printingIn the right application, digital printing offers many of our customers a less expensive solution for their labeling requirements. In cases where we have compared the costs of low volume screen-print orders with digital printing, there has been substantial savings with digital printing. Digital printing can completely eliminate the need for film, die and setup charges.

Many of our industrial customers have low volume requirements, yet their equipment still has labeling requirements. Digital printing allows us to "gang" multiple labels, regardless of the color combinations, and print them as a set, allowing them to buy only what they need.

While Digital Printing provides many benefits, because of the different properties of the materials and adhesives as compared to screen-printing, it is not appropriate for all applications.

While cost is a consideration, the biggest benefit to our customers has been the ability to get a quicker turn-around for their prototype and concept modeling needs.

Vinyl Graphics

Computer Cut Vinyl Graphics

vinyl graphicsVinyl Lettering

Our pre-spaced vinyl lettering is great for store fronts, vehicles, banners, signs, etc. Advertise sales, special promotions, holiday wishes, store hours and more. If your windows are heavily tinted, you will want to place the lettering on the outside of the window. For applying vinyl lettering to the inside of windows, please specify a "Reverse Cut".



STEP 1. Using regular glass cleaner, clean the surface where the decal is to be applied. If necessary, use stronger cleaners first, then go over the area with glass cleaner last.
STEP 2. Temporarily place the legend in the desired area with a small piece of masking tape holding each end of the legend to the surface. With a tape measure, align the legend.
STEP 3. Apply a long piece of tape along the top of the legend, with approx. half of the tape located on the edge of the legend and the other half on the surface.
STEP 4. With the large hinged flap that is formed, raise the flap and begin to remove the wax backing paper, starting evenly along the top
STEP 5. With the wax backing paper half peeled downward, begin to smooth the legend to the surface with a squeegee, paint spreader or hard plastic strip.
STEP 6. Continue smoothing out the legend with long horizontal strokes, starting on top and working towards the bottom. Continue to slowly remove the wax backing paper as you go.
STEP 7. Once legend is firmly applied to surface, peel back the transfer tape (white paper covering).
STEP 8. If any small bubbles have appeared during installation, they can be removed by pricking the base of the bubble with the knife blade and squeezing the trapped air out with the tip of your finger.
STEP 9. Finish removing transfer tape, and with a small razor blade, create a small hole in any remaining air bubbles. Then with a squeegee, work out any air bubbles


You've just installed some of the most versatile vinyl lettering products available!

Die Cutting

Die Cutting

die cuttingDie cutting is the process of cutting the substrate (decals, magnetics, etc.) to an unusual shape such as round, oval, starburst, or contour cut.

In House Graphics Support

Full In-House Graphics Support

Our capabilities include:


graphics support* Original artwork creation
* Electronic file transfer
* Film processing


We support the following versions of Macintosh graphic applications:


* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe Photoshop
* MacroMedia FreeHand


Whenever the native file is not available, we can accept the following formats in order of preference:


The suitability of the file format is based on the fabrication process of the part. Typically vector-based files are appropriate for the film preparation for printing spot-color designs (screen-printed using separate color tones). Bit-mapped images are typically acceptable for digitally printed or four-color process printed designs.

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