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decalsAt Kansas Graphics, we understand the significance of product identity and strive to design and manufacture the highest quality pressure-sensitive decals to meet your exacting printing needs.


Labels and decals fulfill a variety of purposes. Listed below are just a few:
* Instruction
* model and serial no.
* warning (mechanical and electrical)
* corporate logos
* diagrams


And can be printed on a variety of materials
* foil
* vinyl
* polyester
* polycarbonate
* reflective vinyl
* paper


And can be applied via
* adhesives
* magnetic
* static cling

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs

magnetic signsFor professional name recognition that's as mobil as you, get our removable magnetic signs. Our magnetic sheeting conforms well to most surfaces. Magnetic signs are for those who do not want letters permenatly affixed to their vehicle or other iron/steel surfaces. Typical applications are for vans, trucks and delivery vehicles, menu boards and building directories.

Vinyl lettering and graphics or screen printing is applied to magnetic-backed sheeting to provide removable signage for vehicles and other iron/steel surfaces. When properly cared for, magnetic material is durable and has an outdoor life of approximately one year.

Magnetic sign sheeting comes in the color white only. standard thickness is .030 gauge. Prices include one-sided lettering. Specify the specific vehicle you are ordering for.

To determine the proper size of a magnetic sign, you must remember that it cannot be mounted over any sharp body curves or creases. It must lay flat against the metal, as it will not adhere to a non-metal area.


T-shirts & Sweatshirts

t-shirtsAre you looking for a t-shirt printing supplier?
If so, take a look below for some valuable information that may help you in your search. We sell only the top of the line name brands such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, etc.

You can view a catalog here.

Screen Printing Tips
1. Print fewer colors as each color requires additional set-up time and materials.
2. Print in few locations on the t-shirt to avoid added cost from printing complexity.
3. Order light colored T-shirts as manufacturers charge more for dark colors.
4. Order in large quantities as it is cheaper per T-shirt to print.
5. Choose the "Printer's Favorite" brand as printers get quantity discounts from the manufacturers.



capsAll caps, hats and visors come in a range of colors and styles. Our most popular cap is the cotton/poly poplin and the cotton twill full cloth cap. Please contact us for more specific product informantion.

Control Panels

Control Panels

overlayControl overlays not only provide information and control identification, but also add to the aesthetics of the product they are applied to.

Overlays are generally made from polycarbonate, polyester or other hybrid materials which will satisfy most requirements.  Kansas Graphics works with their customers to find the right product for their application.

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